Monday, 17 April 2017

Drive worry free with our excellent car service and repairs!

Car Service Surrey HillsThe life of your car solely depends on the way you maintain it. Regularly serviced and maintenance is essential to keep your car up and running at its best. If not done, it may cause to major costly repairs, breakdown and being stuck on the roadside. Regular oil changing, tire rotations and other regular repairs can save you from expensive major repairs. When your car is in need of a service or repair, it’s always advisable to choose the right reputed car service company that delivers the best service at the reasonable rates that extends the shelf life and reliability of your vehicle.

AAA Automotive is the one stop solution for your car service in the inner suburbs of Camberwell. With more than 35 years of experience in the car service and maintenance repairs, you can trust that your car is in good hands to whom you can trust. We provide a wide range of services that includes car service, clutch repair, roadworthy (RWC), car repairs, log book service, car mechanic and pre purchase car inspection. Customer satisfaction is our priority, thus no matter how small or big the work is, at AAA Automotive it will be done with full diligently and skillfully. 

Our workshop in Melbourne is highly equipped to provide excellent car service for every car models with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. AAA Automotive, your one stop solution for car services is located on easily accessible at stop 54, tram route 109, Mont Albert, Melbourne. We are pride to say that we provide competitive rates for all the car services and repairs with the same day delivery. Discuss all your issues you’re facing with our experts and they will procure you with the best solutions. We assure excellent workmanship and customer service and our onsite work is accomplished under strict contingent and safety policy.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Car service Blackburn- your car's best friend

Our vehicles are an unbreakable part of our life and we are very much dependent on it.  A car provides a lot of benefits to the car owner throughout its life but if it's not maintained properly it also throws tantrums to its owners. Proper maintenance of your car ensures a better performance from your car. 

Car Service Blackburn

Car maintenance mainly includes car service Blackburn and car repairing. Car servicing is something that has to be done on regular gaps even if your car is working smoothly. On the other hand car repairing is something that is needed if any of the car parts gets damaged or injured. Car servicing comes with a number of benefits. A routine servicing also reduces the car maintenance cost. For the owner's convenience, many car servicing plans have been introduced that remarkably decreases the car servicing charges.  Your vehicle is your responsibility and if you want your vehicle's performance to sustain for a long period then a servicing is a must for it.
Car servicing is like refreshment for your car, after which it gains power to work more efficiently. Being a car owner if you want to escape from your car servicing duty then it will be disastrous for your car. Every time you service your car from a good car mechanic it guarantees that the essential parts of the car are working properly. Car service Blackburn and repairing can be done under the same roof but in both the cases skilled mechanics are needed.
Another benefit that comes with car servicing is safety. During the servicing procedure the safety parts of the car like brakes, seat belts, clutch, gear etc are thoroughly scrutinised.  It also reduces CO2 emission from your car which is very much harmful for your family and the public as well.
Car servicing includes a thorough check up of the following-
  • Alignments
  • Air Conditioning Repair and Service
  • Brakes Clutches
  • Cooling System Repair and Maintenance
  • CV Axles Diagnostic Services
  • Electrical (Alternators, Batteries, Starters)
  • Engines Exhaust Fuel Injection Service and Repair
  • Oil Changes Steering Suspension (Shocks and Struts)
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Tires Transmission Service and Repair
  • Tune Up
  • 10,000 Kms or 50,000 Kms Maintenance Services and More

The cost of car servicing highly depends on the type of service you prefer to take. if any part of the car has to be replaced due to any kind of damage then cost will be a bit higher than normal. A good car servicing company does everything that is needed during the service. Again if your car still falls into the warranty period then the company will bear the cost of it.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Car Service Box Hill | AAA Automotive

Car Service Box Hill | AAA Automotive We at AAA Automotive recommend having a professional car service every 10,000 kilometers. Car service in Box hill, at our workshop, consist of a simple oil change or could involve a full service check of the vehicle including safety checks.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Car Mechanic Box Hill | AAA Automotive Mont Albert

Car Mechanic Box Hill | AAA Automotive Mont Albert

AAA Automotive offers an extensive range of mechanical repairs on all
makes and models. By relating the latest used technologies, years of
automobile experience and our ultra-modern workshop. When you choose us
as your next car mechanic in Box hill, we guarantee our customers will
not be disappointed with our service.

Our reliable and professional trained car mechanics use only the
utmost quality parts and lubricants in the repairing of every size and
category vehicle, from the well-loved family small vehicle to the
impressive car. We at AAA Automotive, know what it means to be left
without your wheels so we endeavour to work on minimal turnaround and
can even arrange your pickup and drop off.

  • Car Mechanical Repairs
  • Servicing undertake all types of repair work to all types and makes
  • Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Over Heating Problems
  • Clutch Problems
  • Timing Belts
  • Engine Repairs and Replacement
  • Engine & Gearbox Repairs
  • Electronic system diagnostics
Get a Great Car Mechanic in Box hill Today

Call us on 03 9899 6856 for friendly quote for Car Mechanic in Box Hill

Monday, 6 April 2015

Car Mechanic Blackburn | AAA Automotive Mont Albert

Car Mechanic Blackburn | AAA Automotive Mont Albert

Car Mechanic Blackburn

AAA Automotive to assist you for finding Reliable Car Mechanic Blackburn.

You’re driving down the road in Blackburn area in your new sports car
and the ride seems to be smooth, when all of a sudden… Bang! Your
muffler falls off in the middle of the road and your ride starts
sounding like a Harley Davidson bike equipped with a straight pipe.

The first thing — or actually, maybe the second thing — that goes
through your mind at this point is, which car mechanic in Blackburn will
I bring this piece of junk to for repairs? Throughout the years,
trustworthy and reliable car mechanic at AAA Automotive have gained
reputation, and we’re certain you have a story or two to share yourself.

When you choose AAA Automotive as your next car mechanic in Blackburn, Our highly qualified car mechanic can assist you in any following problems.

  • Engine Problems
  • Staring Problems
  • Brake Problems
  • Manual Trans Problems
  • Auto Trans Problems
  • Suspensions Problems
Call us now for a friendly chat. Or if you looking for car mechanic in Box hill then call us on (03) 9899 6856.